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April 9
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[MH] Mousey-chan by Tenioenai [MH] Mousey-chan by Tenioenai
I wanted to keep just the mouse as her headshot |D

Name (Surname, First) Tohru Amaya
Nickname Ama, May, Mouse, the mouse thing, Loli Hime
Age Sixteen
D.O.B. February 21st
Bloodtype A
Year Second
Height 4ft 9
Weight 92lbs //slapped
Gender Lolita Mouse Female

Whether They're Staying At The Boarding School Part, Or They Go Their Own Home Everyday
Clubs None

Easily Distracted • Amaya has a habit of getting distracted by shiny objects or bubbles.
Quiet/Socially Awkward • Since Amaya doesn't know how to talk to people normally (since she reads too much) she stays to herself and watches people from afar.
Germaphobe • Physical Contact is something she can deal with.. in small amounts
A bit Spazzy • If Amaya's comfortable enough around someone she has a habit of getting a bit over excited/fangirling/geeking out. Pretty much just being a little kid for that moment before hiding from embarrassment.
Very Emotional • She has a habit to easily cry when scared, but mainly Amaya shows her emotions easily. (She's like a kindergarten book)
Gets scared easily

+ Books (-dies.-)
+ Strawberry Pocky
+ Mozzarella/Cheese Sticks
+ Water Lilies
+ Frilly Clothing
+ Bows
+ Small baby animals (of any kind really, but she doesn't like adult ones. :I)

- Anything Sour
- Loud areas
- Touchy/clingy people
- Summer/Heat
- When others hear her singing
- Water, like swimming and such
- Plain milk, or any milk for that. (unless it's in a food)

Amaya was born and raised in Hida-shi for majority of her life (ten years) before her parents retired and travels around America and Europe for six years. She's developed the liking to both countries a lot so she can read and speak English well while only know a few things in other languages. During her time in those countries she's also gained the name May and the nickname Mouse. Amaya's Oba-san (grandmother) ended up getting sick, so her parents decided to return to Hida-shi and take care of her Oba-san.

• She has a habit of finding small places wherever she is (and can fit into) to read or when she's embarassed. Stop being so tiny
• Amaya is more apt to answer to May or Mouse.
• The Nickname Mouse originated from her always finding small areas in her twin bun hairdo in her late elementary/early middle school years.
• She sings a lot when she knows she's alone.
• Voice Sample::… (1:55 - 2:11)
• If you're taller then her, she WILL use either ~san or call you sempai (Even if you're younger then her, or you tell her otherwise). If you're shorter it's an immediate ~chan (unless told otherwise)
•No matter what, her hair is always soft and fluffy. It's her mousey thingy side. Jeez she should just be a mouse. //shot

Grandmother (oba-san) - Sick
Mother (oka-san) - Always supporting Amaya. Also the reason of her Lolita closet.
Father (oto-san) - (Creator) Becuz of Amaya's innocence has a smaller amount of hope for her future. "We'll have to marry her off to a nice boy quickly so he doesn't realize she's hopeless."

Located hur ::
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